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Characteristic Point Method for Automatic Hydrograph Separation

Hydrograph separation method reported in Mei & Anagnostou (2015) includes two aspects: baseflow separation and event identification. The baseflow separation method, namely filtered revised constant k (FRCK) method, is a hybrid-method of the revised constant k (RCK) and recursive digital filter (RDF); it splits the streamflow record into baseflow and event flow component. The event identification method is called characteristic point method (CPM); it extracts rainfall-runoff events from long records of streamflow and basin- average rainfall time series, based on the time series characteristics. More information about this method can be found in the CPM User Manual_4.3.2017.pdf

The above hydrograph separation methods are contained in six Matlab codes: two for the baseflow separation section and four codes for the event identification. The manuscript provides detailed explanation on the uses, inputs and outputs of these Matlab codes. It is accompanied by a demo Matlab code, illustrating an example basin.

Matlab code can be downloaded;